Who We Are

Miss Holly is the owner of Holly's Petite Maison Home Daycare, a small home-based daycare program for young children based out of Winter Park. She loves seeing children blossom with skills and knowledge as they grow and develop in her program. She started her company to be able to offer high quality personalized child care to families in the local community, do her part to help the local economy, and provide an exceptional experience for children and their parents. She believes that taking great care of her daycare children and offering atypical but highly beneficial experiences in the program translates into a stellar experience for the daycare parents. Her methods are based on research and personal experience.


Miss Holly is passionate about being eco-conscious. She is building a relationship with Fleet Farming to help install veggie gardens and fruit trees for the daycare children to help plant, cultivate, and harvest organic produce. The program has already benefited from City of Winter Park's Sustainability Program through their Meatless Monday initiative (which she implements for meatless meals 3 days a week) as well as receiving a free composter for the upcoming gardens.

She is also on the committee for her son's Cub Scout Pack. Miss Holly and her son enjoy going to meetings, camping with the cub scouts, and doing adventures with the other scouts.

Miss Holly's does monthly contributions to Charity: Water, an organization that builds wells and pumps in third world countries to help provide safe cleaning drinking water to its residents. Contaminated drinking water is one of the major causes of death and so access to safe and clean drinking water for them changes their lives.

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