"Holly is wonderful. You can tell that she truly cares about the kids. The facility is entertaining, but also relaxing. I love that she doesn't have TV's on and there are lots of educational toys that facilitate learning in a relaxing way."
     -Sarah O.
"Two things to note: I rarely give anything five stars because there is nothing that can not benefit from improvement. Also, I have two children that have been in care here for approximately five months.

My husband and I moved our children to Holly's because we needed them in a smaller environment due to excessive instances of illness at their previous daycare. Our experience with Holly has been in sharp contrast to the negative reviews given. Although I do agree that her handbook is rather daunting, it is so due to the nature of the business. I would prefer an intense amount of information to limited disclosure anytime, but especially as it pertains to my children. I find it utterly ridiculous that anyone having ever utilized a professional daycare provider would be surprised by advance payment, additional fees for early/late pick up, etc. In addition to that, what corporate daycare is going to provide allowances for cloth diapering and alternative vaccination theories? Lastly, I would love to see eye to eye with every teacher, care giver, or administrator that came into contact with any of my children, but that's unreasonable. These people are here to care for my children and provide them safety, stability, and education in my absence. They aren't there to be my friend.

Moving on... Holly's program has been great for our boys. They are happy to go every morning, fed well, taught, kept safe, and given an opportunity to socialize throughout the day. Her fees are in line with most corporate daycares. She has made minor changes to her policies during our time there, but none without warning and a period of transition. She documents both her business processes/practices and the general daytime activities well. She is in contact with us as much or as little as we choose. Her daycare home is well-equipped, friendly, and clean. The meals are varietal and our boys love them! I can't really expect more than that."
     -Jami V.
"Getting photos of [my child] always brightens my day at the office."
     -Albert P.
"A great provider who cares about all the little ones in the daycare :) great place to bring your kids."
     -Brooke I.
"We have been very pleased with services since the time we enrolled our baby before he was even born. Miss Holly is always improving and has been sharing her updates and changes to the program and it's always for the better. We have been very blessed to have had good timing to snatch an opening after being on the wait list for awhile. It's a breath of relief to be able to focus 100% on work and not worry about our son's well-being. That alone is worth every penny."
     -George B.
"Finding exceptional child care is hard but Holly's Petite Maison is absolutely amazing! As parents my husband and I want more than a daycare, we want our kids to go somewhere educational where they are challenged and learn on a daily basis. They have a weekly curriculum and send home art projects a few times a week with bigger projects for holidays. I loved the fact that my daughter got a little birthday party just a few months ago- I feel really valued here and our children love to see Miss Holly in the mornings!"
     -Channa K.
"Finding a home daycare that is clean, has a knowledgeable provider about children, and college educated is hard to find! We are so thankful that we discovered a place where our baby girl can explore safely, have great care, and eat 5-star food. Miss Holly has gone above and beyond for us and makes sure our daughter is loved on and treated with respect. I really like the fact she keeps a daily journal of our baby's day- makes leaving her each day easier on both my wife and I."
     -Gary W.
"Finally found a daycare that is affordable and teaches the kinds of things that we value, like social skills and manners. We love that vegetarian food is offered throughout the week to help our kids learn good eating habits and like different kinds of food."
     -Aaron H.
"Wonderful day care :-) I really appreciate a daycare where the children are taken care of and the expectations are extremely apparent for both sides :-) I'm very happy to know the kiddos are safe and happy having a great time."
     -Brenda D.
"We started using Holly for date nights. So far we have had two. Holly is affordable but best of all our daughter loves her. Our 5 year old is usually shy but warmed up to Holly quickly. It is such a comfort to know that our girl is safe while we go out and enjoy our adult time. Holly is punctual and responsive to messages we send. Would definitely recommend her for your child care needs."
     -Chrissie B.
"This home daycare is absolutely amazing! Holly is very friendly, understanding, and professional. This daycare provides home cooked meals and she also has knowledge of child development. I’ve been to the daycare for 2 years now and will stay as long as I can because I don’t think I would find anything better!!”
     -Sammy P.
"We've been taking our sons to Holly for a little while now.  She always sends us pictures throughout the day to let us know how they're doing and gives us reports multiple times a day about what they're eating and how they're interacting.  I love taking our sons to such a warm loving environment where they are well taken care of.  I would highly recommend Holly if you're looking for a daycare environment that, due to size, has the ability to specialize to your child's needs and provide one on one care."
     -Joseph V.
"It’s so nice to have a space that is homey and loving. Holly cares so much about the children, her business, and running a daycare where parents can trust that their children are being well cared for. Holly even offers monthly date nights!"
     -Estrella M.
"It is evident Holly puts a lot of effort into running her daycare program. The environment is very clean and thoughtfully laid out to be interesting and safe. I was reading other comments here about too many rules and disagree. It is good to have situations addressed beforehand to know what the parameters are. I have used a center (Kindercare) in the past and there are plenty of rules on paying, extra fees, time of drop off and pickup spelled out. Basically, one should expect some rules in a well run business or it is chaos. Schools have rules as well, it is not a new concept. I'd be wary of a daycare provider that ran things willy nilly. Holly understands how kids tick and what I see are happy kids in a warm and nurturing environment. I was really impressed by the fact she teaches babies/toddlers a sign language to say they want to eat, want milk, more, all done, that they pick up on the same day! It is not an easy job (thank you) and happy you are here!"
     -Carlye D.
"Miss Holly's program is extraordinary! She really takes the time to learn about each individual child and teaches them necessary life skills, sign language, and proper eating and table behaviors. I've noticed my daughter go from not being able to use silverware and being a super picky eater to not only proficiency with silverware, but also willingly eating broccoli and peas! Her homemade food is delicious and my daughter is always smiling at drop-off in the mornings. I can tell she loves it there!"
     -Katrina K.
"A good structure and routine, and small group setting that gives each child more individual attention.”
     -Alyssa P.
"Holly seems very nurturing with the children. We chose her over others because she has a structured schedule to the day, makes healthy home cooked food to include vegetarian dishes, has indoor and outdoor stimulation for learning (playground, sandbox, tables with different textures inside), walks the kids daily, and teaches some French to the kids. She is the only child care provider we met that seems to continually read and learn about children and their development. We also liked the security system in her home (cameras at the front door and codes to check students in and out). Holly also interacts with the parents through an app which is very helpful for working parents to see how their toddler's day is progressing.”

At Holly's Petite Maison, we pride ourselves in excellent customer service. If you are one of our happy customers, please feel free to submit a review below using the form or click on one of these links and leave a review for us!

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"As a single mother, having a reliable and safe daycare is a godsend for my child. I like how Miss Holly has a grasp on early childhood education and does things that help the children learn in alternative ways than mainstream methods. It seems to help them think more solidly, at least from what I've seen.”
     -Gabriella T.
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