About Holly's Petite Maison

Certified Eco-Healthy Child Care                          

       Established in 2013, Fully Operational since 2016

       Registered Home Daycare with DCF: #R18SE0018



Howell Branch & Tangerine Ave in Winter Park

(Near Eastbrook Elementary)

Ages Accepted

6 months-5 years old/kindergarten

Offering a mixed age group setting

How many children?

On any given day, there is a max of 6 children

Is it just you?

Yes, I am the primary caregiver each day for the children in my program

Do you have a substitute?

For planned appointments and such, I have a substitute that can fill in.

What about if you're sick?

I'm usually quite healthy and will work if I have a cold or other mild illness. But if I or my children are too sick to be open, then I will need to close. This may be with short notice so it's important that families have a back-up plan

Do you have cameras?

No, I do not have cameras in the daycare areas.

Do you go outside every day?

Yes, we go outside every day, including in chilly weather, for 30-60 minutes.

What Makes the Program Unique?

  • Nearly everything provided- simplifies your mornings as a parent

  • Individual-use nap equipment, linens, blankets provided and laundered weekly

  • Designated daycare room, separate from the main house

  • The daycare room is thought-out to inspire play and learning in a whimsy, nature-themed room

  • Childproof, baby-safe, and escape-proof setup

  • No water hazards and no toxic plants on premises

  • French and English

  • Baby Sign Language

  • Breastfeeding, cloth diaper, and intact-male friendly

  • Baby-Led Weaning for starting solids around 6 months old

  • TV-free environment

  • Child-appropriate music daily

  • Whole-house water softener system

  • Play-based curriculum that is activity-based

  • "Whole Child" education:

    • Social skills, empathy, manners, table etiquette and self-feeding skills, emotional intelligence, healthy independence, "using our words", clean-up tasks, learning appropriate coping methods for when emotions run high, feeling safe and secure with a caregiver that knows and respects them

    • The skills listed determine a child's later school and life success more so than strictly academic skills alone

    • The foundation for emotional intelligence and emotional regulation needs to be solid first before any real learning can take place. A child needs to feel safe and have their needs met before they can develop emotional skills

  • Positive Discipline is used with simple explanations


Safety Features

  • Camera Doorbell with 2-way audio

  • All exterior doors have adult-height locks so they are escape-proof and are locked at all times

  • Areas are child-safe and baby-proofed

  • Children are directly supervised while eating

  • Provider and substitutes have CPR/First-Aid/AED Certification and First Aid training

  • Cleaning products, soaps, and hazardous items are in locked cabinets or stored up high

  • All indoor and outdoor areas are kept clean and tidy and free of hazards

  • Pet-free environment

"Holly is wonderful. You can tell that she truly cares about the kids. The facility is entertaining, but also relaxing. I love that she doesn't have TV's on and there are lots of educational toys that facilitate learning in a relaxing way."
         -Sarah O.

Program Policies

Eco-Healthy Child Care

Since Holly's Petite Maison is a certified eco-healthy child care, a lot of the program's values revolve around sustainability, fresh and nutritious food, using washable items (versus disposables), and with veggie gardens and fruit trees coming soon, there's a lot to be excited about!



Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis. The first family to pay the initial amount gets the spot. For enrollment, the following is due: Registration, Supply Fee, and 1st Week's Tuition. After this amount is paid, a spot is held for 2 weeks for free. After that, holding fees apply.

Program Hours

Hours of Operation are Monday-Friday from 8:00am-6:00pm.

     An early drop-off option of 7am ($15/day) or 7:30am ($8/day) is available. This must be approved and paid for with 24+ hours' notice to be used.

Holding Fees*

Holding fees are based on the number of Fridays between your enrollment date and your start date. Holding fees are at 1/2 tuition. Payment of holding fees is due on the 1st of the month, or at enrollment, depending on timing. Holding fees are for reserving your child's spot for a future start date and are not for future care services.

Part Time

Part Time is when a child has 2-3 days they attend that are the same days each week. Days available depend on the other part time schedules. Part Time children cannot swap, switch, or make-up days missed. But you can add a day (availability permitting) and pay the drop-in rate (availability permitting). Part time is $160/week/child and includes meals. Parents provide PM Snack and milk.

Full Time

Full Time is when a child has 4-5 days they attend. Full Time is $195-$200/week/child and includes meals. Parents provide PM Snack and milk.

Drop-In Care

Drop-Ins are for families that may need a backup provider for a healthy child, a "me" day, a day of appointments, care for their older child for when a sibling is born, or other situations. Drop-In care may have limited availability. It's a daily rate and is $50-$55/day/child and includes meals. Parents provide PM Snack and milk.


The program is enrollment-based which means that the tuition amount due is the same each week, regardless of attendance. Payment is due on Fridays for the upcoming week of care by 5pm. Only electronic payments are accepted.


All families enrolling will need to download the Brightwheel App. This is used to communicate about your child's day, send messages and have conversations with families, and has billing capabilities.

Cloth Diapering

The program accepts cloth diapers and disposable diapers. Cloth diapers need to arrive clean and fully assembled and ready for use. A wet bag or plastic bag must be included in supplies. Your child will need disposables as back-up in case they are needed. Soiled cloth diapers are placed in the wet bag and sent home for cleaning.

Babies and Bottles

The program accepts both breastfed and bottle-fed babies. Bottles are provided by parents and must be supplied daily with fresh breastmilk or a can of formula with mixing instructions kept at daycare. Bottles are used and then sent home daily for cleaning for all babies.

Clothing and Diapers

Parents should ensure that their child has 3 full sets of clothing (shirt, shorts, socks) in their cubby as well as a full week's supply of diapers. Other items will be requested as-needed for your child as their supply runs low. Dirty or soiled clothing is sent home for parents to wash.

Potty Training

The daycare will assist with potty training children once all the following have been met: the child is at least 2 years old, there's been success at home, and the child can tell an adult/the provider that they have to go to the bathroom. Most children start training at daycare around 2.5-3 years old but each child is different. A child will need to be able to pull their shorts/pants down and get dressed after using the toilet. Children will need to have pull-ups/diapers on-hand if they are not yet sleep trained (to stay dry during nap).


Families arrive and ring the doorbell and I will come unlock the door. The drop-off window is from 8:00am-9:30am. Children will only be accepted into care after 9:30am if they give 24h notice of an appointment or similar.

     Each adult has their own 4-digit check-in code for the kiosk to sign in and out their child. This is the clock that's used to determine time of arrival and departure.

     If your child can walk, have them walk from the car to the house and into the hallway (versus carrying them in). When it's time to go, give hugs and kisses, place your child into the daycare room and say bye, then leave. Don't sneak out, as that makes separation anxiety worse. Please notify of anything out-of-the-ordinary about your child (bug bites, bruises, scrapes, hospital visits, if they didn't sleep well or not really eating, etc.) at drop-off.

Meals and Food

Breakfast and Lunch are lovingly prepared each day by Miss Holly. We have vegetarian meals 3 days a week and healthy food all week. Some organic items are used. We have Greek yogurt smoothies for breakfast on Fridays.

     Breakfast is served promptly at 9am and lunch is at 12pm. Children need to arrive by serving time to parttake in breakfast. Beginning January 2, 2020, breakfast will be served at 8:30am.

     There has yet to be a child that doesn't like the food we have here, so picky eaters do quite wel. The positive social pressure helps too and there's a few things to choose from at mealtimes on their plate.

     Parents provide a PM Snack (shelf-stable or packed in a cooler) and milk to drink (container kept at daycare, labeled with child's name). Milk is served at PM Snack.

     Aside from children with allergies or dietary needs, outside food and drinks are not allowed.

Allergies and Dietary Restrictions

If a child has a peanut allergy, the daycare will go peanut-free during daycare hours. For any other allergy or if your child has a dietary restriction, parents will need to provide a daily breakfast and lunch for their child, ready to serve straight from the lunchbox. Containers will be sent home daily for cleaning.


It is mandated by the state that all children receive a time of rest. They are not required to nap, but most do. We have a morning nap time for 1 hour for infants and young 1's and an afternoon nap of 2 hours for everyone. Please limit pick-ups during nap time as it disrupts everyone's sleep. Children that are awake may play with toys quietly until nap time is done.

     Please practice safe sleep with your child at home. Infants must sleep on a firm mattress with a fitted sheet and nothing else in their crib. A swaddle is acceptable up to 3-4 months. At daycare, co-sleeping and bed sharing cannot be replicated so your infant's ability to fall asleep laying solo in a crib and without falling asleep feeding is important.

Outdoor Time

We go outside daily for 30 minutes-1 hour. Having your child dressed for the day in weather-appropriate clothing is vital to their comfort. We don't go outside if there's lightning, but we go outside in chilly weather, even for babies.


We do a small celebration of your child's birthday in an afternoon- parents pick a day and provide homemade or store-bought treats for the children to have. We use a flameless candle, sing happy birthday to the birthday child, and all have our treats. I send the birthday child home with a small gift.

     We also celebrate all kinds of holidays from all different cultures around the world as a means of education. Since we offer a non-biased curriculum, this helps teach acceptance and tolerance of others.

Photos and Videos

All families enrolling with Holly's Petite Maison agree to have photos and videos of their child taken. These may be posted on social media, the website, or printed for display on the bulletin board or in ads or in other means. Children's names will never be spoken or written for privacy.

Electronic Communication

By enrolling, families agree to receive electronic means of communication for receipts, daily reports, reminders, messages, and other notifications. A valid email address and phone number are required. Parents are required to download the Brightwheel App before their child's first day of care.

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Holiday Closures

The daycare observes the following holidays: New Year's Day, President's Day, Emancipation Day (~April 16th) Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, 4:30pm Halloween closure, Thanksgiving, Day After Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year's Eve.

     In 2020, added holidays will be: Provider Appreciation Day (Friday before Mother's Day), and Day After Christmas.

This holiday schedule is printed out and given to families in December for their next year's planning.

PTO Days

Provider has 11 PTO (paid time off) days per calendar year to use. These days do not roll over. 1 PTO day is used with 2 weeks' notice and 2+ PTO days are used with 1 months' notice. There is no change in tuition for a week a PTO day is taken. Parents will need to arrange alternate care for these days. Any additional PTO days taken above this amount are unpaid.

     Taking PTO days helps ensure that I can sustain doing childcare long-term and is a mark of professionalism. I give my all to my business and the children in my care, and it's essential that I have time off to recharge and come back refreshed.

Paid Sick Days

There are 3 paid sick days per calendar year. Any time taken off for illness beyond this is unpaid.

Bereavement Days

There are up to 3 days paid bereavement per instance, based on the relationship with the deceased. Any additional time taken off is unpaid.

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Payment Methods Accepted

The daycare only accepts electronic payments: Brightwheel App transfers, Venmo, Paypal, and CashApp.

Bounced Payment

If a Brightwheel payment bounces, a $35 Bounced Payment Fee is charged per instance. After the 2nd instance, Brightwheel payments will no longer be an option.

Late Payment Fee

Tuition is considered late past 5:00pm on Friday and there's a $25/child/day late payment fee charged. Care is not provided until the account is current.

Late Pick-Up Fee

It's important that children be picked up on time each day. The daycare closes at 6:00pm and late pick-up fees are based on check-out time via the kiosk.

     1-10 minutes late is $15 and each additional increment of 10 minutes late is $10. This fee is per child

        ie: 11 minutes late is $25. These are meant to be high to deter late pick-ups.

Last 2 Weeks of Care Fee

After your child's first 2 weeks of services, families begin to pay for the notice period for when they eventually give notice of ending services. This is spread out over 8 weeks to make it affordable.

     If a family doesn't give a full 2 weeks' notice for withdrawal of care, this amount is forfeited.

     When a family gives their 2 weeks' notice, this amount is used against the last 2 weeks of care and no further payment is due to finish out the last 2 weeks of services.

Withdrawal of Care

A 2 weeks' notice is required for when our journey together ends. There's a form to fill out and turn in on a Friday during business hours. Emailed copies of this form are not accepted. The Last 2 Weeks of Care amount is due at this time if it is not yet paid.

*Please note that due to program operations, there are no refunds, credits, or transfers.


"It's so nice to have a space that's homey and loving. Holly cares so much about the children, her business, and running a daycare where parents can trust that their children are being well cared for."

     -Estrella M.

"Thank you for being such a great teacher! My daughter is already having so much fun with you! It's so nice feeling so comfortable with her being there and knowing she is in good hands. Thank you for all that you do! Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!"

     -Chelsea C.

Did you know?


Children under 5 learn best (and most solidly) through a play-based approach to learning. Especially messy sensory play like painting, play d'oh, kinetic sand, water tables, shaving cream art, etc. A language-rich environment with spoken words (and NOT educational TV) is how children learn new words and how to speak. So strike up a meaningful conversation with your child to build their language skills and read to them for 30 minutes a day.

Developmentally Appropriate Practice (DAP)


It's important that parents understand that my goal as a home daycare provider is to help develop your child into a well-rounded, capable, confident, and genuine person. While everyone loves to get sent home cute crafts that their child did, the likelihood that your child actually did any or even most of that, is very unlikely, especially if they are under age 3. It is for that reason that I strive to do art projects and crafts that are open-ended and that don't have a "goal" or "look" in mind for the finished product.


It's vital to use DAP not only with expectations that you have of a child based on their age, but to also to understand that art projects should be the child's own, and often that can translate to "nothing" but scribbles, brush strokes, and pencil marks. But trust that this is all part of the learing process and is DAP for the child's age. They will eventually read and write and draw, but all in due time.

For an explanation on DAP, click here.

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