At Holly's Petite Maison, we focus on educating the "whole child", which includes Pre-K concepts as well as social skills, manners, cooperation, self-feeding, table manners, confidence, and competency. A solid foundation of comfort and trust is required before learning can take place with young children and so we strive to do this by building relationships with families and their children.

Inspired by Reggio-Emilia, Creative Curriculum, and RIE Philosophy, the program offers a play-based approach that encourages children to learn skills, strengthen their abilities, and to discover new concepts.

It's been shown that social-emotional skills are the predominant factor in later life success!

-Baby Sign Language



Art and Sensory Play (sand table, water table, sensory bins): goal of discovering textures, strengthening hand and arm muscles, developing concentration, and building hand strength

Pre-Literacy looks like: having a print-rich environment, reading stories aloud for 30 minutes daily, pointing out letters as they come up during the day.
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For ages 0-5:

Math looks like: sorting, arranging, lining up, counting, grouping, counting, sequences, music/songs (memory and sequences).


Science looks like: making guesses, science experiments, cause and effect, blending colors (painting, etc), tasting and trying new things, touching nature items and using them in atypical ways (pinecone painting), and using the 5 senses.

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  • Full Time (4-5 days)

  • Part Time (2-3 days)
    12+ months

  • Drop-In Care


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We have a content blog!

If you're having a food power struggle with your child, looking for answers to parenting questions, or interested in safety and wellness regarding children, hop on over to the blog!

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