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Registered Home Daycare with DCF, #R18SE0018

Hours of Operation

Standard Tuition Rates: Monday-Friday from 8am-6pm

7:30am drop-off is $5/day extra.         6:30pm pick-up time is $8/day extra.


Near Semoran & Howell Branch in Winter Park

Ages Accepted

3 months-5 years old         (school agers as well, as space allows)

How many children?

Small group of 6 children

What Makes My Program Unique:

  • Nearly everything provided (except diapers, formula/breastmilk, bottles, baby food)
  • Designated daycare room, separate from my main house with baby gates
  • Daycare Room layout is carefully thought out to inspire play and learning
  • Childproof, baby-safe, and escape-proof setup. No water hazards, no toxic plants
  • Doors remain locked at all times with an adult-height lock on all exterior doors
  • French and English
  • Baby Sign Language
  • Breastfeeding, cloth diaper, and intact-friendly
  • Baby-Led Weaning for starting solids
  • TV-free
  • Whole-house water softener system purifies the water and removes hard water chemicals and chlorine (for drinking, washing hands, cleaning linens, etc.)
  • Children's needs are met by a caring and connected provider through attachment and trust. I take the time to learn who each child is, as an individual
  • Young infants are directly supervised at all times while awake for safety
  • Mobile/nearly mobile infants have plenty of floor time, tummy time, and opportunities to explore the environment and learn how to move their bodies
  • Toddlers and preschoolers have free play interspersed with group-led activities to help build group, solo play, and small group skills
  • Here we learn through play, which is children's "work". This is things like: conversation, meaningful play setups and activities, art, sensory bins, meeting children's needs by having pockets of 1-on-1 time throughout the day, exploration, discovery, cooperative play, crafts, some provider-directed activities, 30-45 minutes of dedicated preschool time daily for children ages 3 and up
  • Children learn manners, social skills, empathy, life skills, clean-up skills, and responsibility in addition to ABCs, 123s, etc. in a non-pressured way. The goal is to have fun and learn
  • Positive Discipline: Rules, limits and boundaries enforced in a kind yet firm way


  • Honest and straightforward approach to your child's day (good or bad)
  • Daily journal log for children under 1 year old for feedings, diaper changes, etc.
  • Texts with pictures and updates sent to parents a few times a day
  • Verbal overview at the end of the day- keeping lines of communication open
  • Monthly e-newsletter sent out with pictures of meals eaten and activities enjoyed
  • Proactive approach to behavior issues, any policy conflict, or concerns

Nutrition and Wellness

  • Delicious and varied nutrition-based meals with minimal processed foods
  • Meals are made daily from-scratch with some organic ingredients
  • Vegetarian food 3 whole days a week
  • Allergy-friendly
  • Hand-washing often by provider and children
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and afternoon snack
  • Each child has individual high chair, bib, utensils, sippy cup, and sleeping area/equipment to minimize the spread of illness and to keep things sanitary
  • Provider eats the same food with the children at the kids table to model good eating habits, table manners, and table etiquette


  • Infants under 1 year old sleep in a separate area in a pack-n-play so they may nap as-needed and get their rest. Young infants that are not rolling over may be swaddled for nap. Infants may only have a pacifier in their sleeping area. Sound machines, fans, and baby monitors are used
  • Children 12 months-2 years old sleep in the daycare room in a pack-n-play with fitted sheet and may have a blanket
  • Once 2 years old, children transition to a nap mat with linens and a blanket
  • All children are required to rest during naptime. Sleep is not mandatory, but children need a chance to "recharge" and "rest their bones" for afternoon activities


  • All exterior doors have adult-height locks so they are escape-proof
  • All doors remain shut and locked at all times for security
  • Rooms are baby-safe and baby-proofed
  • I keep my home very clean and tidy through daily and weekly cleaning tasks
  • No toys with small parts in the daycare areas
  • Infants are kept within my sight at all times while awake

Extra Perks

  • Holiday time treats, gifts, goodies, and daycare art sent home
  • Cookies, muffins, coffee drinks, etc. given out on occasion for parents/families
  • Quarterly events for families to enjoy- my kid's birthday parties, holiday events, etc.

Tuition rates are discussed during a tour.

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DCF Registered ID #R18SE0018

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An Eco-Healthy approach to childcare education

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