FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are You Licensed?

Yes, I am a Registered Home Daycare in the state of Florida, #R18SE2072

What kind of experience do you have?

I have been a nanny for 2 families, have done babysitting since the age of 12 (even for twins!), and specialize in the care of children ages 0-3. I have 5 solid years of experience and have found caring for children and nurturing them to be one of my passions.

     I have 2 children of my own that I love and cherish. I am very well-read on how to help children blossom into empathetic and caring people while still enforcing limits, boundaries, and house rules with them. Consistency and clear guidelines are most helpful.

Hours of Operation

Main Business Hours are Monday-Friday 7am-6pm but other days and schedules are possible- please inquire.


We are located in Winter Park, near Casselberry (436 and Howell Branch)

Ages Accepted

We accept children ages 4 months - 4 years old

Program Features and Benefits

  • Nearly everything provided and included in tuition
  • Special Offerings: French,Baby Sign Language, Karate,Saturday Date Night
  • Creative Curriculum & Storybook Curriculum
  • Healthy & delicious from-scratch food prepared
  • Individual attention throughout the day for each child
  • Outdoor play twice a day (morning and afternoon)
  • Daily story time, new words used/learned daily, pronunciation emphasized
  • Also teach social skills, manners, clean-up tasks
  • Affection given readily and comfort given
  • Open 52 weeks a year
  • Clients earn a vacation credit* after 180 days enrolled
  • Main daycare areas are baby-safe and childproofed
  • Babies have plenty of "floor time", tummy time, and time to explore the environment and learn how to move their bodies!

What is Included in Tuition

  • All food for children eating table food
  • Bibs for babies, individual-use high chairs
  • Toddler table with 6 chairs for eating and crafts
  • Individual sleeping arrangements for each child
  • All nap linens and blankets washed weekly by provider
  • Table food eating equipment provided
  • Color-designated sippy cup for toddlers and preschoolers
  • Wipes
  • Parents provide diapers and ointment (and food/feeding supplies for babies)

What are your tuition rates?

Click Here for tuition rates.

Teacher-Child Ratio

Ratios will not exceed 1 provider to 8 children.

Are babies confined all day?

The only time babies are confined is for high chair eating and napping in pack-n-plays. The rest of the day, children of all ages are free to explore the environment and to discover the fun of learning!

Why You Should Choose My Program

I am a professional provider who is vested in the success of my business. Recently got embroidered logo polos and official name tags. Communication is handled in a way that aims to solve a problem or make improvements on services offered.

        Each child gets: individual attention throughout the day, assistance with eating and learning to hold and use silverware, open playtime, help with developing social and life skills, learns Pre-K concepts like colors, shapes, numbers, and songs; the daycare areas are safe and clean, hand-washing is practiced often, we are practically a full-inclusive service, offer mostly from-scratch meals and snacks as part of the program with minimal amounts of processed foods, and offer a stellar value.

        Here, children are seen and treated as small people with big needs. Aiming to understand each child helps form a secure attachment, which is vital to a child's growth and confidence. Comfort is given readily and as-needed by each individual's standards.

How Do I Schedule a Tour?
Fill out the Contact Form. Tours are scheduled by an appointment.