Creative Curriculum is designed to encourage and support every type of learner and address all the important areas of learning. There are daily meaningful and engaging experiences designed for all children, young and old. The children's natural curiosity is mainly what guides their exploration and questioning of the life that is unfolding around them.

Creative Curriculum focuses on studies, which are exciting and engaging firsthand explorations
of topics that are relevant to children’s everyday experiences. They are often deep, offering a myriad of ways to learn. The study approach not only allows children to gain a deeper understanding of the topic but encourages them to develop skills across all domains as they apply the investigative process. They are essentially little scientists, forming their own hypotheses and conclusions and learning about cause and effect.

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There are different types of curricula available for childcare providers and for preschool environments. After careful consideration of all the methods available, my style mostly resembles the Creative Curriculum the most. It is noted for featuring exploration and discovery as the basis for learning naturally, which allows children to develop autonomy, confidence, creativity, and critical thinking skills.

Creative curriculum is a research-based curriculum, developed in 1978, that has 50 objectives for learning and development (noted in the chart below). Not only does this method allow the provider to be creative in teaching and guiding methods but it also allows the children to play and learn about cause and effect in a more natural, hands-on approach that strengthens learning. When a child is engrossed in their activity (because they want to do it), they naturally learn more than they would if the activity were contrived or done as a group. Creative curriculum allows children to follow their interests, discover new things, and learn about the world around them.

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