My goal is to help raise children who are kind, independent, empathetic, have life skills, and who can communicate using Baby Sign Language or words. I want to help raise good citizens.

My program is play-based, hands-on, and we work on sensory experiences, art, social skills, manners, cooperation, and have outside time twice a day to move our bodies and explore nature. Children are taught how to treat others with kindness and respect.

Children are encouraged to try it, to do it themselves, to challenge themselves while still being safe and aware, and to explore. Having a dedicated room for daycare keeps exploration with known materials and in a baby-safe environment.

Language is developed through Baby Sign Language paired with speaking. Letter and number recognition comes about naturally through conversation and daily activities. I am not a worksheets and flashcards type of person, unless for maybe a 4 or 5 year old who is having difficulty with these concepts.

Modeling of appropriate behavior is important to teach children (through action) what is expected of them and how they, in turn, should act. Speech is demonstrated in full sentences and children are spoken with to help them develop language and understanding. Called a "spoken narrative" of the activities they are doing.

Art and other activities are done to build skills, for children to develop focus, and to work on their fine motor skills. We are not aiming to create beautiful art projects, but instead the beauty is in the process itself and the medium we use (ie: paint).

Parents who like these concepts and find them best practice for children under age 5 will be very satisfied with my program.

A healthy approach to childcare and nutrition

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