My goal is to help raise children who are kind, independent, empathetic, have life skills, and who can communicate using Baby Sign Language or words. I want to help raise good citizens.

  • Social Skills
    • Being around other kids will help develop these skills, naturally
    • Kindness, respect towards all things, and politesse are cornerstone values
    • Children are guided to help navigate the complex social skills needed to thrive in group care, which prepares them for preschool/kindergarten
    • For arguments or fighting over a toy, exact phrases are given for them to use with suggested solutions
  • Life Skills
    • Children are taught age-appropriate self-help skills
    • Children are encouraged to try it/do it themselves, building confidence and encouragement
    • Children help take responsibility for themselves by cleaning up toys and busing their dish after mealtimes
  • Language Skills
    • Babies and toddlers develop language skills through baby sign language coupled with speaking
    • Letter and number recognition in a print-rich environment
    • Modeling of appropriate language and vocabulary
    • Reading stories and books for 30 minutes throughout the day
    • Assistance/modeling with pronouncing words correctly- doing phonetic examples (k, s, th, l, v sounds)
  • Fine Motor Skills (finger and hand movement)
    • Mostly developed through craft time/sensory time with open-ended materials
    • Sand table play- children play in the sand and dig in the sand (also a sensory activity)
    • Activities- using play tweezers to transfer pom poms between bowls, threading cards, sifting, buttons on lined paper, baby-led weaning, watercolor painting, finger painting, block play
  • Gross Motor Skills  (body movement)
    • Mostly developed through free play- children learn how their body moves
    • Large fenced grassy yard with patio, commercial-grade swingset with swings and tire swing and glider, veggie gardens and fruit trees (coming spring/summer 2018!)
    • Covered patio with carpet for children under 14 months- playhouse, ride-on cars, playground balls, small climber with slide, wagon, coupe car, outside play kitchen, frisbees, etc.
  • Sensory Play
    • Children learn about their senses by exploring the sand table, water table, sensory bins and boards, and the magnet board
    • Adding sensory bottles and bags in the coming months
  • Field Trips (possibly, in the future)
    • Looking to expand offerings and include field trips to: library story times, splash pads, local children's events, indoor play places, parks, etc.
    • Appropriate car seats will be provided for children to use for field trips
    • Chaperones may be needed for larger, more ornate trips (like to the Science Center, Central Florida Zoo, etc)

A healthy approach to childcare and nutrition


DCF Registered ID #R18SE2072