Creative Curriculum  Storybook Curriculum

Each week we have a different book/story we read and dive into to keep children focused on language and general learning: vocabulary, picture recognition, familiarity with books, and pronunciation. Art projects and activities are part of the weekly story theme as well. Age-appropriate materials activities are set up each week to benefit the mixed age group we have here.

Curriculum Focus:

  • Social Skills
    • Children will develop social skills just being around other kids. Kindness, respect towards all things, and politesse are cornerstone values. Children are guided to help navigate the complex social skills needed to thrive in group care, which prepares them for preschool/kindergarten
  • Life Skills
    • Children are taught age-appropriate self-help skills
    • Children are encouraged to try it/do it themselves, building confidence
    • Children help take responsibility for themselves by cleaning up toys and busing their dish after mealtimes
  • Language Skills
    • Babies and toddlers develop language skills through sign language
    • Letter and number recognition in a print-rich environment
    • Modeling of appropriate language and vocabulary
    • Reading stories and books for 30 minutes throughout the day
  • Fine Motor Skills
    • Mostly developed through craft time with open-ended materials. Each day there will be a craft or activity geared around the theme of the week
    • Sand table play- children dump and fill buckets of sand and dig to find rocks and other small treasures (also a sensory activity)
    • Activities- using play tweezers to transfer pom poms between bowls
  • Large Motor Skills
    • Mostly developed through free play. Children learn how their body moves
    • Great outdoor setup- large fenced grassy yard with paver patio, covered patio, and commercial-grade swingset with mulch ground covering
  • Sensory Play
    • Children have fun taking time to learn about their surrounding and what different materials feel like
    • Children learn about their senses by exploring the sand table, water table, sensory bins and boards, and the magnet board
  • Field Trips (possibly, in the future)
    • We are looking to expand our offerings and include field trips to library story times, splash pads, local children events, indoor play places, parks, visiting nursing homes, etc.
    • Appropriate car seats will be provided for children to use for field trips
    • Chaperones may be needed for larger, more ornate trips (like to the Science Center, Central Florida Zoo, etc)