Holly's Petite Maison Home Daycare: Childcare Provider

Hi! My name is Holly and I'm the owner and caregiver of Holly's Petite Maison Home Daycare. I'm a mother to two wonderful boys who have been a joy to care for and watch grow over the years. I really find it rewarding to do activities with them, go on play dates, to the park, events, and part take in activities that challenge and excite them. I wanted to extend that enriching experience to other children in the community to offer a positive, calm, happy, and experience-based daycare service. It has been a dream/goal of mine to open a home daycare and I'm thrilled to be able to do what I love! Children have always been a passion of mine!

In 2013 I began to prepare to open my business- I took Early Childhood Education classes and DCF's training and got ahold of every book I could regarding behavior management, nutrition, activities, and anything daycare-related on the business side. At that time, I also got my CPR/First-Aid/AED certification and served as the pregnant real-life model for how to safely do the heimlich maneuver.  Before I opened my doors, our eldest son was in 2 home daycares and a center so I know first-hand what it's like to be a parent/client as well as a daycare provider. My offerings reflect that insight and I strive to be the best of all the options for parents looking for childcare.

The playroom itself is baby-proofed and baby-safe, there are adult-height locks on all exterior doors, and materials are chosen with the specific ages of children in care from infants up through pre-k. Designing the space as a daycare center would, with activity "centers" helps children focus and have a deeper play experience than if it were just an open room with materials randomly placed. It's designed to be calm, fun, and offer a variety of materials to keep and hold children's interest.

What Sets Me Apart From Other Providers

Children learn best in an environment in which they feel safe, can predict the day's routine/schedule, and where their needs are met by a caring and connected provider. Trust is the cornerstone of attachment, and attachment and mutual respect is necessary for learning to take place. If a child knows that a person has their best interest in mind, they are more likely to listen to that person. I strive to be a solid foundation for children, from which they learn the skills necessary to become a good citizen.

Pet-Friendly Environment

Holly's Petite Maison Home Daycare is a pet-friendly environment. We have a sweet 4-year-old Cocker Spaniel dog. She is house trained and obedience trained. She's great with adults and childre and has been around since our children were newborns. We keep her put away in her crate during business hours and will sometimes come outside with us for outside play. She has hair moreso than fur, and as such is a low dander/low shedding dog. She's hypoallergenic and great for anyone with pet allergies.

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