Holly's Petite Maison Home Daycare


Hi, my name is Holly and I'm the owner/operator of Holly's Petite Maison Home Daycare!

I graduated from Winter Park High School with an honors diploma and was involved in the Chorus Department, took 3 Advanced Placement classes, took French as a second language, and held a weekend job from age 16. For college at Stetson University, I got my BA degree and I studied abroad in France the spring of 2010 and became fluent. I grew so much in college and learned more than I ever could imagine! I've always loved food but the college cafeteria had some amazing food.


I decided a long time ago that I wanted to have a business of my own and a daycare is a perfect fit. I've always loved kids and I think they are the sweetest, most innocent beings. I enjoy being around them and find ease in their presence. I'm a very loving individual and this is essential for the work I do. I'm also an advocate for gentle parenting.

I am an "
attachment caregiver" and a "responsive caregiver".

I've chosen to be a daycare provider because I think that there isn't enough quality care for children in my community. I am a Registered Daycare Home  with the state of Florida and an official business. I pay all my taxes. I am professionally-trained and have read countless books on topics from discipline to potty training to raising a "whole" child to how to run a home daycare. All these books have given me inspiration, ideas, and methods that I know make my program great and positively impact the children in my care. I believe that children deserve more than to just survive- they deserve to feel loved, be safe, and thrive among caregivers that know them and treat them with respect. Children learn best when there's a solid relationship built on trust with their primary caregivers and this is the #1 value of my program.

Proper boundaries, guidelines, restrictions, limitations, and expectations need to be clearly outlined and appropriate for the age of the child. I believe in kind yet firm discipline and a proactive approach- these are at the forefront of my "discipline toolbox".

I want to help families raise responsible, respectful, loving, and kind children that everyone is capable of being. Many children have their spirits "broken" by parents or caregivers being too harsh on them through punishment, physical reprimanding, or inappropriate discipline that doesn't teach them what an appropriate behavior looks like.

I speak respectfully to babies and children and help them understand that their actions affect others. I emphasize and model the importance of using words to communicate with each other, not hitting, biting, or throwing things. It takes work to show children the right way, but I believe it's worth the effort and will be beneficial for everyone. Children that feel scared or are hurt in any way receive comforting words, touch, and validation of their feelings. Not only does this help them calm down, but it also shows them that I care about them and that their feelings are "real" to me, too.


At times I will be actively participating alongside the children and at other times allowing them to develop autonomy. They will be well-supervised including at nap time and during outdoor play. If a child is unhappy, fussy, or in need of something, I act promptly. I do not believe in "crying it out". Children in my care can rely on me to help meet their needs.

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