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- We just did repairs on the sprinkler system in the yard and got a digital sprinkler control. Hello greener grass!

- A pickett fence/gate in the daycare room is under development!

- Veggie Gardens/Fruit Trees coming in 2018!



A Wait List is available if there are no current openings when you inquire.
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A healthy approach to childcare and nutrition

Enrolling Children Ages

3 months- 5 years old

2nd Tuesday of the month- 6:30pm

Saturday Date Night is offered from 6pm-Midnight and Includes:

Homemade dinner, activities, a G or PG-rated movie, and all bed/sleep equipment and linens. Ages 3 months+. Please inquire for pricing and availability. Book today. Space is limited!

For more info, call/Text (407) 920-8773 or

email HollyCooper23@hotmail.com

Children discover their world, have enjoyable experiences, and learn social/life skills through play.

DCF Registered ID #R18SE2072

Creative Curriculum


Every child is unique and will grow at his or her own pace. Here, we nurture children’s strengths and work on their weaknesses, encouraging challenges to help them grow.

Healthy and delicious food prepared, vegetarian meals 3 days/week, minimal processed foods, and allergy-friendly.


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